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Activities   >>11- FISHING ILHA GRANDE BAY


It is forbidden the line fishing and the submarine hunt at less than a km from the Island’s coast. It is only permitted the line and fishhook fishing in this area. (Seaport Law of IBAMA).

Fishing Spots of permitted and reccomended places

1 - Punta Grossa
2 - do Meio Island
3 - do pau-a-pino Island
4 - das Palmas Island
5 - das Velhas Island
6 - de Jorge Grego Island
7 - Saco da Sardinha

8 - A. Parnaióca Point
9 - Ilha Meros Point
10 – Acaiá Point
11 – Big Point
12 – Enseada Point
13 - do Abraão Island


The fishing spots 7,8,10,11 and 12 can be visited by trilha ( Paths – See the Trilhas map). The other places can be reached only by boat.


All prices are mentionated in REALES

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