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Ilha Grande Beaches  

04 - Lopes Mendes

Praia de Lopes Mendes - Lopes Mendes Beach

It is one of the prettiest beaches of the whole Brazilian coast and the most famous of the Island.

Its location transforms the place in an oceanic beach of approximately 3 km of white and very fine sand. In spite of the fact that the sea beats strong, it is very shallow. The transparency of the water is amazing, as well as its variation of tonalities.

A lot of people lived here, but today it is a desert beach, with little potable water.

The sun and the wind can cause skin burns to the less cautious ones, so for this reason, it is advisable to protect yourself with the plenty shade of the vegetation along the whole beach.


The sea could be treacherous, presenting strong marine averages that make several " holes " in the sand. However, it is an excellent beach for bathing because of its scarce depth and clear waters.

It is also ideal for surfing and is always visited by lovers of this sport.



Lessons and rent a surf board

The access is by boat or trail. The better option for enjoy the day is to go by walk from Abraao and return by boat.



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