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Ilha Grande Beaches  

06 - Caxadaço

Caxadaço Beach

One of my favorites. Taking a bath in its clear water and being surrounded by the vegetation is going to make you feel as if you were dreaming.

In spite of its only 15 meters, it is one of the most prominent places of the Brazilian coast.

It is hidden in the seaside and its natural beauty is as mysterious as its history.

In 1945  about 15 families were counted between fishermen and employees of the old prison in Vila Dois Rios, which is today a desert refuge in the mountain. This offers a lot of shade, a stream and calm green waters.

The access is by boat or trekking trail but Guide especializates is required, it´s a very difficult path in the jungle. The trail is not clear.

ACCUSATION :This amazing place is suffering unnecessary agressions by the visitors that leave garbage over the beach. Moreover, some of them hide it in the sand, making more difficult the work of the friends of ILHA GRANDE that help cleaning the Caxadaço Beach.


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