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Ilha Grande Beaches  

17 - Saco do Bananal

Bananal Cove

This important tourist point of the island is always growing. It used to be a place dedicated to the fishing and the exportation of bananas. 

Is a quiet place to rest, with exuberant forest and calmed green water.

The big beach of Bananal (banana plantation) has 2 docks, lodgings, restaurants, dive operators and a little community of fishermen.

The access is only by boat or by trilha T5




For going to Abraão Village you will need return to the mainland and take the ferryboat from Angra dos Reis to the island again, and if you stay previous days in Abraão for going to Bananal, need return in the ferry to Angra dos Reis and take the accommodation boat (exclusive for guest) in the pier where your lodge booked indicate.

In the cove you will find the following beaches:

Matariz: a canned fish factory worked here a few years ago

Big Bananal: You will find the ruins of the canned sardine’s factory that are being recycled to be Inns.

Small Bananal: The different Inns offer complete services, from food to trips to the continent or walks to the nearest beaches.

 Ask for accommodation outside Villa do Abraão here.

The lodges offer complete services, from meals, transfers to the mainland or nearby beaches walks.



Besides wasting your time under the shade of a tree or sleeping on a net bed, you have another activities to do such as:

  • DIVE -  Bananal is another "starting point" to visit the Penguin Navy, shipwrecked a few years ago in the Bay of Sítio Forte which is very close. Another attraction is the wrecked helicopter that rests in the beach of Matariz.

  • BOAT TOURS - Areusually included in the lodging’s packages. The most common ones depart to Freguesia do Santana, Blue Lagoon, Sítio Forte Bay and Green Lagoon.
  • WALKS -  Going up the mountain to reach the Observatory of Bananal is the main activity. It takes about 45 minutes/1 hour. Other rides to be done in one day are the visits to the beaches of Sítio Forte, Freguesia do Santana and Saco do Céu.

  • NIGHT AMUSEMENT - It is up to your imagination and the lodging programs because there aren’t any public activities.
  • LINE FISHING - This beach allows the line fishing. Ask the local fishermen about the best areas and seasons.


Some of Ilha Grande's beaches

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