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Ilha Grande Beaches 
00 - Island map with beaches location
This map locates the 22 coves and beaches described. It also offers a direct access to them.
01 - Abraão Cove
It is the most beautiful bay of Ilha Grande. Is situated between high mountains of great inclination that emerge from the sea. There are several brooks and the coast is very irregular.
02 - Palmas Cove
To arrive here, you can rent a boat at Vila do Abraão, or you can just walk through the paths by trekking.
03 – Castelhanos Lighthouse
Located on the eastern extreme of the ilha grande, this is one of the most antique lighthouse of the brazilian coast.
04 - Lopes Mendes
It is one of the prettiest beaches of the whole Brazilian coast and the most famous of the Ilha Grande.
05 - Santo Antonio
It is small but very pleasant. It has similar characteristics as its great neighbor Lopes Mendes
06 - Caxadaço
It is hidden in the seaside and its natural beauty is as mysterious as it was its history.
07 - Dois Rios
Who gets to Dois Rios always surprised by the beauty of the place, although have visited it before ...
08 – Parnaioca
The beautiful Parnaióca is one of the most isolated beaches of the whole Island.
09 - Aventureiro's beach
This little piece of paradise is a place where people can relax and forget all the problems...
10 - Meros's beach
Dos Meros is a little beach between two mountains. It has a lot of palms, transparent water and it is usually deserted.
11 – Provetá
It's principal characteristic is the fact that most of the population belongs to the evangelical community.
12 - Acaiá's Cave
It is an interesting and certainly unforgettable place. The phenomenon of fluorescence water is impressive ...
13 - Vermelha and Itaguaçú Beaches
The Vermelha's beach receives annually a considerable number of diving lovers that start from there submarine expeditions
14 - Araçatiba's cove
It's prominent the great transparency of the sea. It's an irresistible invitation to the diving or the snorkell.
15 - Lagoa Verde
This lagoon has not too deep waters and typically green. Is one of the highlights of the northwest coast of the Island.
16 - Sitio Forte Cove
This is one of the most quiet and pleasant places on the island. There are several beaches with clear and calm waters.
17 - Saco do Bananal
Is a quiet place to rest, with exuberant forest and calmed green water.
18 - Lagoa Azul
It is a paradise, with calm waters, shallow and transparent blue.
19 – Freguesia de Santana
It was the center of the economic development of Ilha Grande during the last century. Today is an outstanding tourist point.
20 – Japariz and Funil
A mandatory step or return to Lagoa Azul, where besides enjoying the beach you can drink and eat very well.
21 – Saco do Céu
It is an ecological sanctuary. The sea is as calm as a lake and in the night the stars reflect their light in the surface of the water.
22 – Enseada das Estrelas
The starfishes inhabit in great number at the bottom of this bay is the origin of the name.
23 – Jorge Grego’s Island
An excellent place for the submarine hunt and the sub-aquatic tourism.

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