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Ilha Grande Location 
Where is Ilha Grande ?

Ilha Grande is in front to Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil

Ilha Grande Map positioned within the bay of Angra dos Reis. Please, use zoom control and buttons on the map.

For zoom in or / out use "+" / "-". In the top right have 3 buttons for views. Mapa (actual) or Sat (for amazing satellital pictures).



The Paradise exists and I will tell you where and how is it

  • Brazil, Southeast Region, Rio de Janeiro State, Angra dos Reis District.
  • Bay of Ilha Grande.
  • Latitude S: between 23 05` and 23 14' 
  • Longitude W: between 44 05' and 44 23'
  • From Rio de Janeiro about 180 Km
  • From So Paulo about 750 Km



Surface and contour

  • 193 km area
  • Aprox. Coast Perimeter = 130 km
  • Minor perimeter for a coast navigation= 72 km
  • The contour is undulating with 34 sharp ends and little peninsulas, 7 small bays and 106 beautiful beaches of diverse characteristics.




  • Mountainous topography with several peaks. The most important ones are the PICO DA PEDRA DAGUA with 1031 mts. over the sea level and the PICO DO PAPAGAYO with 982 mts. These areas are extensively vegetated and you can also find dense forests, headlands, steeps, plains, rivers and caverns.





  • Being an oceanic island, it has a strong influence of the sea over its climate.
  • It has a tropical weather, very hot and humid. You are not going to find droughts. The medium temperatures of the air are between 15C - 30C. The medium water temperatures are between 18C - 24C.
  • In one year, you have between 180 and 200 sunny days.
  • According to the Meteorological Station of Andra Dos Reis - INMET-, the annual medium temperature is 22,5C, being February, the warmest month with 25,7C average and July the coldest, with 19,6C.
  • Rains - The annual media is 2.242mm, being January the rainiest month with 293 mm and July the driest with 87 mm.




  • Belongs to the same group of the Po de Acar of Rio do Janeiro.


The island is situated in the rgos Saw, which belongs to the proteozoic era (more than 420-500 millions of years). Its rocks are sintectonic represented by "granitides".

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