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Hotels, inns and resorts at Ilha Grande


Most of inns at Ilha Grande is at Vila do Abraćo. Bellow you find one list of inns in Vila do Abraćo.

Abraćo is a very small village (see the aerial picture) at Ilha Grande. Abraćo is the main point  to access to the principal beaches, comercial structure, tourist services, health services, nightlife, restaurants, cultural events, etc. You will find accommodation options that are located near the sea and the comercial center.

In Abraćo you have options for all kind of budgets, from simple and economic hotel  to the most sophisticated inns or mini resorts. 

The options of hotel and inns at Vila do Abraćo might be summarized here


Sugestions to make your trip to Ilha Grande easier:
Avoid wasting time when arriving. Use the time to enjoy yourself.
Avoid dangerous situations that happens when hosted in pousadas that are pirate business.
Avoid hosting in places with very low prices, below the market's medium price.
Book it before going to the island. It is easy and safe.


The options of pousadas at  Araēatiba bay might be summarized here

Pousadas in Araēatiba - Ilha Grande


 Some pousadas are located in special places, like seaside hideaways. Even some of them, do not have access walking from Abraćo, being necessary to arrive there in a private boat.

Premium location to stay in Ilha Grande


Outside the town Vila do Abraćo. Premium accommodations here are. This type of accommodation is called Mini Resorts for its unique location surrounded by lots of nature, facing the sea and away from the noise of the town. They have a distinctive design and are ideal for honeymoon programs.

It is important to mention that you need to have the establishments services of private boats to move. I think also important to mention that not all inclusive resorts like Caribbean or Europe style they are just higher level facilities in select locations.

Inn Name Phone +55 Mail Website
More Info

Asalem seaside
Abraćo's bay

(24) 3361 5602

Mail direct

Url Web

asalem internal page

Sagu Mini Resort

Abraćo's bay

(19) 3455 0986


Url Web

Ilha Grande Booking Center

Portal do Sol front beach
Abraćo's bay

(19) 3455 0986


Url Web


Atlantica Jungle Lodge

Pouso beach

(19) 3455 0986


Url Web






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