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How to get on the island 

Getting from Rio de Janeiro downtown or airport to Angra dos Reis in order to embark to Ilha Grande

Considering that the goal of this site is to help foreign tourists to come to the island, I will tell you how to get to the Village of Abraão coming to Brazil by airplane, landing at the Rio de Janeiro international airport that is closer and much better than arriving from São Paulo / Guarulhos.

Upon arriving at the Rio de Janeiro international airport (Galeão), you will have the options of car, bus or vam to get to Angra dos Reis. In case of coming from his private plane or helicopter, in Angra dos Reis there is a small airport that can be used to arrive.

Airport Angra dos Reis is considered small, and its largest audience are private jets. The airport's capacity is 25 small planes. The extension of the runway is 1,300 meters long and 30 meters wide.

For those arriving by helicopter, the situation is much better in some inns, hotels, marinas at Angra dos Reis and Mangaratiba well as in Pirates mall have helipads.

The output to the Ilha Grande can be done in two municipalities: Mangaratiba or Angra dos Reis.
In Angra dos Reis has 3 different points, but all are in the city center and close to the other. In the municipality of Mangaratiba there are 2 points, one in the center and another at the edge of the border with the municipality of Angra dos Reis, Conceição de Jacareí city.

For those coming from Rio de Janeiro the place that has the best cost benefits is Conceição de Jacareí city, it’s the second closest to Rio de Janeiro and the road to the Ilha Grande is shorter and faster than others.


Public transport in Rio de Janeiro

If you want to travel by public transport you must go to the bus station. To get to the bus station you can take a taxi or a bus that leaves from the international airport or from the Rio de Janeiro city center well as in  Copacabana beaches.

Be sure to insist the driver you descend in rodoviaria has already happened that they forget to stop and let you down, I assure you walk back through that area with luggage and overpriced tourist will not be anything nice, same nothing happens, other tourists have happened to them and live a stressful time can avoid unpleasant remarking the driver you want to get off at the terminal.

Once the station is you will find the ticket sales window that will take you to the city of Angra dos Reis or Mangaratiba, depending on where you selected mainland to ship to the island.
The bus trip to Angra takes 3 hours to 3 hours and half and to Mangaratiba takes around 2 hours.

A company that offers this type of transport is the Costa Verde, for information about times and prices you can access the company's website here.


Arrival in Angra dos Reis from São Paulo (GRU airport) to embark on Ilha Grande

On the way from São Paulo to Angra dos Reis is more complicated and slow, this route is not recommended for beginners, you can reduce the cost of the plane ticket going to São Paulo, but the cost of transfer to Angra dos Reis will be higher than go to Rio de Janeiro.

Therefore, the best option is to land in Rio de Janeiro and make a transfer to Angra dos Reis or Mangaratiba, in order to know about the tranfer services offered visit this link.

Transfer Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande, Paraty

Upon landing in GRU (Sao Paulo airport) you should go to the bus station where you embark by bus to Tietê bus station and take another one to Angra dos Reis. To make the transfer from Guarulhos to Tietê bus station there are two options.

The first one is to take a taxi, the journey time is approximately 45 minutes, but you should always consider the famous traffic chaos of São Paulo, the price for two or three, depending on luggage is approximately R$100,00.

And by the second one you can use a shuttle minibus company's Airport Bus Service, which runs daily. The travel time is 1 hour. For more information about the schedules and values ​​visit the company's website.

Arriving at the Tietê bus station, you should seek the company Reunidas Paulista, which makes the path to Angra. Normally you you do not need to book in advance. To buy tickets, get on the first floor by the escalators, then fold in the first hallway to the left and there you will see the Reunidas Paulista Company window (Opens at 07:00). Check for a holiday to secure a place.


Shuttle services (transfer)

The easiest, safe and fast way to get there is by hiring a private transfer, that can can be by regular (shared) or particular transfer to the city of Angra dos Reis.

And for your convenience we have partnerships of transfer services, environmentally conscious, between Rio de Janeiro and the towns where boats leave for the Ilha Grande.

Besides the ease of transportation logistics to the Ilha Grande, our partners are also committed to zero carbon emissions. They value our services for the care of the environment and has the skills to promote a stress-free trip to the Ilha Grande.

Follow this link for information from the hands of specialized local suppliers.

So do the math, depending on how you did your group or if you are traveling alone, the price is almost the same as if you use public transport more comfortable and safe like the transfer.


Money exchange

Once retrieved your luggage try changing the dollars that will need calculated on the island (Remember that on the island there are no banks or exchange houses). It is not appropriate to the island dollars, Euros or currencies other than the Real as they are not accepted or the exchange rate is very low.

To change money if you do not have time to go to the Rio de Janeiro downtown, believe it or not, the best exchange rate before you go to Angra dos Reis will find within the Rio de Janeiro airport.

For more information about the exchange of money visit this page.


Useful numbers

RJ Airport
+ 55 (21) 3398-5050
distance from downtown: 20 km

SP Airport
+55 (11) 2445-294

Reunidas Paulista
0800 709 9020

Airport Bus Service
0800 7702287
from  mon to fri of 7h to 19h

Road Terminal Tietê
+55 (11) 3866-1100

Costa Verde
+55 (21) 3622-3123



All prices are mentionated in REALES

(Oficial money in Brazil) Check HERE

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