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Angra dos Reis from Sao Paulo 

How to Arrive to Angra dos Reis for embarking to lha Grande from Guarulhos São Paulo Airport ?

After landing in GRU airport you need go to the Tietê bus terminal station in Sao Paulo.

There are 2 options to make the conection International Airport Guarulhos / Tiete Rodoviário

Option 1: Take a cab or taxi, this trip normally lasts 45 minutes, but consider that Sao Paulo has its famous traffic jams. The prices is aprox  R$ 100

Option 2: Take the bus line named Airport Bus Service (phone: 55 + 11-6221-0244) to the Tietê Bus station in Sao Paulo. The bus uses to last 1 hour (consider the traffic jam please)


The service of Airport Bus is every day, during the 24 hours and with departures each hour, prices are about R$ 30 per person

Arrive to Angra dos Reis from Tietê Bus Station

There is only 1 line for this itinerary: Reunidas Paulista Company.

If you need information about how you can get Ilha Grande from Sao Paulo, call REUNIDAS PAULISTA Company

Terminal Tiete Bus Station and going to Angra dos Reis from Sao Paulo

The bus need about to 8 hours to arrive in Angra dos Reis.

If you don´t have tickets, not problem, I think that it is not necesary to book in advance. I never had problems on buying one. Just pay attention if there are no festive days when you decide to travel.

Buy your bus tickets on the first floor, in the left way after you have gone up the mechanics stairways. You see the Cash desk of Reunidas Bus Company.


If you prefer to hire a private car from Guarulhos to Ilha Grande. Ilhagrande Adventure can organize this service for you. Phones +44 (20) 8133 8171 -- + 55 (19) 3455-0986

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